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Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee


Welcome to the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee's online Media Room. Here you will find the latest press releases, photographs, media contact information and links to valuable resources for the 2014 float.

Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee Press Contact:
Kate Rosloff
(310) 403-9292

Press Releases:
Learn more about riders Peter L. Salk, MD and Deborah Sabin here.
Read a personal statement from Deborah Sabin as she shares why she is riding the float this year.
Read a personal statement from Peter Salk, MD as he shares why he is riding the float this year.

Quick Float Facts:
Rotary's commitment to eradicate polio is showcased in the 2014 Tournament of Roses parade.

Sponsor: Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee, Inc.

Float Title:
“Engage Rotary, Change Lives”

Float Photos:
Click here to view the 2014 float rendering, "Engage Rotary, Change Lives" (High Resolution version for publication)
You will find photos of the 2014 float, "Engage Rotary, Change Lives" here.
You will find photos of the past Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee floats here.

How/Why was this theme chosen? Our float theme (or name) is Rotary International President Ron Burton’s theme for the Rotary year 2013/14 – “Engage Rotary, Change Lives.”

How does the float theme relate to theme of the Tournament of Rose 2014 Parade? The 2014 Tournament of Roses Theme is “Dreams Come True.” Rotary International President Ron Burton and all Rotarians have the same dream – the eradication of polio. By engaging this dream, Rotarians will not only change the lives of those in the three countries where polio still exists, but change the world from one where polio continues to a Polio Free World.

Rotary’s top philanthropic goal is to eradicate polio worldwide. “Engage Rotary, Change Lives” relates to this effort; when Rotarians are engaged in this large of a task, our dream of our polio free world will change lives worldwide for the better. When our volunteers across the globe experience the smiles of healthy children and adults walking on their healthy limbs, we know that our dream is becoming a reality. The float’s delightful and engaging train, which is this close to crossing the bridge, reflects the hopes and optimism of Rotarians worldwide and Rotary’s “This Close” public awareness campaign to end polio.

Since 1985, Rotary and its partners have helped reduce the number of annual cases of polio from 350,000 to fewer than 250 and remain committed until every child is safe from the disease. Rotary has contributed more than US$1 billion and countless volunteer hours to protect more than 2 billion children in 122 countries. In addition, Rotary’s advocacy efforts have played a role in decisions by donor governments to contribute over $9 billion to the effort. Today, there are only three countries that have never stopped transmission of the wild poliovirus: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Fewer than 250 polio cases were reported worldwide in 2012, which is a 99% reduction since the 1980s, when the world saw about 1,000 cases per day. If we don't stay the course, experts say polio could rebound to 10 million cases in the next 40 years. The polio cases represented by the remaining one percent are the most difficult to prevent, due to factors including geographical isolation, poor public infrastructure, armed conflict and cultural barriers. Until polio is eradicated, all countries remain at risk of outbreaks.

Brief Rotary Overview: Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders who dedicate their time and talent to tackle the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members from more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world.

More than one million Rotary members have donated their time and personal resources to end polio. Every year, hundreds of Rotary members work side-by-side with health workers to vaccinate children in polio-affected countries. Rotarians work with partners like UNICEF to prepare and distribute mass communication tools to share the message with those isolated by conflict, geography, or poverty. Rotary members also recruit fellow volunteers, assist with transporting the vaccine, and provide other logistical support.

Rider and Outwalker Information:

We are proud to share our 2014 float participants with you. There will be eight riders and five outwalkers. Complete biographies and photographs can be found here

Beth Anderson - A member of the Burbank Sunrise Rotary and is active in youth exchange and adult exchange (Group Study Exchange). To date, she has home hosted more than 20 students and more than 30 adults from around the world.

John Brainerd – A Rotarian from Newport Beach, CA, John traveled to Myanmar where visits to orphanages inspired him to work with a fellow Rotarian, J.T. Warring, to develop water gathering systems for these orphanages.

Dave Breeding – A Rotarian from Fallbrook, CA, Dave, whose mother was a polio survivor, administered polio vaccine to children in India during a Polio National Immunization Day.

Ron Burton and his wife Jetta – A Rotarian from Norman, Oklahoma, Ron is the Rotary International President.

Anita Garrett-Roe – A Rotarian from Corpus Christi, FL, Anita supports the Rotary Honduras Clean Water Project.

Shirley J. Giltzow Ed.D – A Rotarian from Lawndale, CA, Shirley was her district’s Polio Plus Chair from 2009-2013. With strong support from Rotary International and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, she has submitted a request to have an End Polio Now postage stamp issued by the United States Postal Service.

Bert Hansen - A Rotarian from Boulder City, NV, Bert is visually impaired and manages a thriving facility at Hoover Dam called The High Scaler Café.

Hassan Kheradmandan – A Rotarian from Pasadena, CA, Hassan participated in many Rotary International projects including projects in Cambodia, India and Mexico.

Cris Meier - A Rotarian from Iowa City, IA, Cris hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs from Mexico to Canada, to bring awareness to polio eradication efforts by Rotary and raise funds for PolioPlus. The 2,650 mile hike took roughly six months to complete.

Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith – A Rotarian from Santa Barbara, CA, Luz Maria has traveled to India to participate in two Polio National Immunization Campaigns and wheelchair distributions.

Sue Pearce – A Rotarian from East Wichita, KS, Sue is currently District Governor for District 5690.

Vicki Puliz is currently the District Governor for Rotary District 5190. She joined Sparks Rotary in 1992 as the first female member of the club. Vicki and her husband Tim participated in a National Immunization Day for polio eradication in northern India.

Deborah Sabin – From Portland, OR, Debbe is the oldest daughter of Albert Sabin, M.D. developer of the Oral Polio Vaccine.

Peter L. Salk, MD – From San Diego, CA, Peter is the oldest son of Jonas Salk who developed the first successful polio vaccine.

Daniel Thomas - A Rotarian from Chino Hills, CA, Daniel has been an active member of the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee as the Volunteer Coordinator and is the committee's incoming chair for the 2015 Tournament of Rose Parade.

About the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee:
The Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee is composed of over 100 individual Rotarians from over 35 Districts and has seven sponsoring Districts.
 The goal of the committee is to promote Rotary International to a worldwide audience by presenting a Float in the Tournament of Roses Parade. 
The committee works throughout the year raising funds from Rotary Clubs within the USA and Canada and individual Rotarians, choosing a float design, and selecting the theme for the float which corresponds with the theme for the Rose Parade and Rotary International's theme for that year. The Committee also works with over 1,000 other Rotary volunteers to decorate the float with all organic materials.

The Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee is supported primarily by these seven Rotary districts:

  • District 5230 covering Central California

  • District 5240 covering Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Kern Counties

  • District 5280 covering Los Angeles Basin

  • District 5300 covering Southern California and Southern Nevada

  • District 5320 covering Orange County and Southern Los Angeles Counties

  • District 5330 covering Riverside and Imperial Counties

  • District 5340 covering San Diego County

About Rotary International's campaign to eradicate polio:

  • Learn more about Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio here

  • Check out an infographic on the status of polio eradication here

  • Review Rotary's fact sheet about polio.

  • About the World's Biggest Commercial
    Rotary International is inviting everyone to participate in the World's Biggest Commercial, promoting the global effort to eradicate polio. Join Jane Goodall, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill Gates, Jackie Chan, Amanda Peet, and other internationally known figures in Rotary's “This Close” campaign to raise awareness and support for polio eradication. Upload a selfie as you make the “this close” symbol with your hand. Go to  to post your selfie in the World’s Biggest Commercial. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s important!

Useful Websites for more information:
End Polio Now
Rotary International Media Center
Pasadena Tournament of Roses 

Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee Press Contact:
Kate Rosloff
(310) 403-9292




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The Rotary Rose Parade Float is not an official Rotary International program.