Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee

Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee
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Gary C. K. Huang, President, Rotary International, 2014-15

In this Rotary year, Iíve seen so many Rotarians find so many great ways to Light Up Rotary. Of all of them, there is no question in my mind that the Rose Parade float is one of the very best!

Itís a unique and wonderful way to let the whole country, and so much of the world, see what a great organization Rotary is. A Rose Parade float isnít the place to explain a complicated idea, or educate the world on all of Rotaryís work. But it is the perfect place to do something very simple and important: raise awareness.

Every year, your hard work helps to raise awareness of Rotary. And this year, youíve used the float to raise awareness of how Rotary ďChanges Lives through Clean Water.Ē Because of your efforts, millions of people have heard and seen this message. I want to thank all of you for everything you have done, through the Rose Parade float, to Light Up Rotary!

Gary C.K. Huang - Rotary International President

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The Rotary Rose Float is not an official Rotary International program.