Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee

Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee

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Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee




The sponsoring clubs of groups signed up to decorate the float are asked to make a donation to the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee of $5 or more per decorator. 
Each decorator receives a t-shirt.  This donation helps defray the additional cost of building this animated float which will be more fun and eye catching than ever.

Groups are limited to 30 decorators.

After you have signed up your Club for a session you will receive confirmation from the Decorating Committee with instructions for making your donation.  Your donation must be received within 10 days to hold their spot.    Your Club's name will appear on this page after the donation is received. 

Decoration Schedule
Instructions for all Decorators
Instructions for Adult Volunteers

This is the decorating schedule for the float showing the dates, times and signups to date.  We need a maximum of 60 decorators for each session and volunteers can only work at only one sessionA maximum of 30 members from one club can signup for any session.

On December 6ht, 13th, and 20th - Lunch  will be from Noon to 12:30

On December 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st, Lunch will be from Noon to 12:30 and Dinner will be from 7 pm to 7:30

There are food vendors near the Rosemont Pavilion for lunch and dinner beginning on December 28.  These booths serve tourists too so there may not be sufficient time to purchase lunch and finish in 30 minutes.   There is a Subway and a Dominos and a Von's about 5 minutes away.  You  may bring your own food. 

The minimum age for decorators is 13.

Instructions for all Decorators

All volunteers will need to sign a photo waiver when they arrive at the decoration site. Volunteer Photo Waiver

Our goal is to produce a prime award winning float and have a good experience.

On-line Signup


Rosemont Pavilion
700 Seco Street
Pasadena, CA 91103

Instructions for all Decorators
Instructions for Adult Volunteers

All times are Pacific Daylight Time


 On-line Signup

Hawthorne, California Interact Club Volunteer Decorators Video

Decorator Signup Coordinator
Daniel Thomas

On-Site Decorator Supervisor
 Gene Hernandez

The Rotary Rose Float is not an official Rotary International program.